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Dark Force Reviews

This is a must- read, I was unable to put it down." A few days later, to my own great surprise, as my own “reading-interests” are even more restrictive than my wife’s , I found myself, as I began to glance through and then begin to seriously read the book, even more engaged by the amazing story that was unfolding. It tells of the extraordinarily vivid, unfortunately violent and unwelcome autobiographical experiences, of a young boy (Bill Bean) in a home in the vicinity of Baltimore in the nineteen-seventies; and, most intriguingly, of his experiences of a realm that lies beyond the living.

John de Saram
Retired United Nations Diplomat and International Lawyer


"Coast to Coast AM deals with many topics. Some are more gripping and captivating than others. I usually am not frightened or bothered by content but I do have to say that  Dark Force was different. Bill Bean's writing made me feel like I was right there experiencing the horror he and his family went through. As I was pre interviewing and booking Bill for the show, there were several incidents that happened which seemed like some sort of force was messing with our communication. I am not sure what it was and where it came from but I highly recommend Dark Force to everyone!"

 Tom Danheiser, Associate Producer of Coast To Coast AM



Dark Force captures the reader into the terror filled lives of a family destroyed by the intent of a malevolent and destructive ring of spiritual entities. This family was that of the Author, Bill Bean. Bill puts into words only what some of us would consider having been our worst nightmare and yet through his faith in GOD he “survives”. Bill shares with us his most personal moments of fear as a young child to his adulthood where he devotes his life in helping others by sharing how he overcame such powerful evil.

Deborah Collard

Author and Talk Show Host

"Every now and then a book comes along that you just can’t put down. Dark Force is among those books. I have read many true life stories, but not since reading Jay Anson’s Amityville Horror has a story stayed in my mind. Hour after hour and day after day."

Tim Kelly

"This book is a testimony of the trauma that the Bean Family endured from the eyes of a young Bill Bean, and the story of how they finally escaped and overcame it. It is their story of trial and faith, and how that they faced things, which according to many could not possibly be real, but yet they are all too real."

Roni Raulwing, Meriones Publishing

I have read this book and recommend it to anyone that loves true stories, but who may have been through supernatural experiences and don’t really dare to talk about them. This is a true story. I felt like I was on the journey with them. I could feel what they were feeling. These types of accurences happen more than we know and more than people want to share, because it is hard to believe what some have not experienced. It is a wonderful book I would give this book 100 stars.
Diane Burgoyne


Bill Bean has said many times that GOD truly delivered him from evil, and

picks up where Dark Force leaves off describing many supernatural experiences he had in his adult years. Some of these experiences include actual battles with demonic entities and a case of demonic possession. For those who think that ufo phenomena is not connected to the spiritual realms, Delivered is a must read book.


Bill also talks about mistakes he had made in his life, and how satan was hell bent on destroying him. However, GOD saved and anointed him to be a strong witness and a fierce warrior against evil.

Delivered Reviews

"I truly enjoyed reading Dark Force but was blown away by his latest book Delivered. Bill's experiences continued for years after leaving that house, facing evil and the unknown until he welcomed Jesus Christ into his heart.


By getting to know and welcoming Jesus and by living the example that is taught to us in the bible helped Bill overcome his addictions and be strong to face the evil forces that stand before him.


I highly recommend reading this book as each story will compel and captivate you to learn more about his true faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and why he truly believes that in submerged baptism we make our covenant with Jesus and will live a truly rewarding, happier and safer life."

 Steve Hodgson, Host of Your Life Matters with Jenn & Steve

"Riveting…….A true story of one man’s journey and how the faith of God “Delivered” him from evil. Bill truly puts his heart and soul into this project and the reader can feel the emotions and pain that he has suffered. A spiritually and testimonial journal of God’s faith and how he will test man in his faith and the decisions he will make. A must read!"

Chris Dedman

Host of Dead Time Radio

"In Bill Bean’s second inspiring book Delivered, Bill shares his tragedies and victories that has made him a thorn in satans flesh! Bill is a mighty warrior and conqueror who is taught by the holy spirit, trained by experience, tried by adversity and tested by fire! A true servant of Jesus Christ. You will not be able to put this book down! I met Bill in 2008 and I’m blessed to call him friend."

Randall Cooksey

"I must say that this new book from Mr. Bean surpasses anything that I have read to date.

Mr. Bean has been through things that most people will never experience in a lifetime. He has prevailed in his faith in God and has to fight everyday to maintain a normal life from the trauma he and his family had to face.


I have read Delivered from start to finish twice in three days. I can’t tell you how you will feel while reading this book; all I can do is tell you the feeling I got as I read. There is a real emotion that you go through while reading this book. You can start to feel where Mr. Bean has been and where he is going. You start to feel the heartache and pain one family suffered and the joy of the outcome one man has overcome in his life. You get a feeling that comes over you and lets you see your life in its entirety, and you begin to see changes that you can make in your own life to make it better and more alive than you ever thought possible.


My hats off to Mr. Bean for becoming the man that overcame such heartache and pain. He has found God in his life and, not only has he overcome this tragedy to become a stronger person, he did it with the help of God. I feel that we can all learn and grow in this world by taking a look at people like Mr. Bean and knowing that if you ask God for help He will always come through."

BJ Moylan

To take a man so well known, and see him be able to communicate all that is in this book, is mind blowing. In a world where we are so afraid of saying something to offend another, or to speak the truth when it is not popular, takes charector, but to lay your soul and all its failings and flaws out for national opinion and scrutiny shows the true heart of Bill. Seldom does anyone alow us such an intiimate look at all of there hopes, dreams, failings, and battles, regardless of how painful, and then to lead us through this story to a beautiful and victorious end, is what reading this book is all about.
Tammy Jo Patterson


Anyone who has known Bill Bean or has read the prequel to Delivered called Dark Force fully understands that Bill did not grow up the Leave It to Beaver life. Instead, Bill was haunted and oppressed throughout the major part of his life by forces unseen and largely unbelieved in by the masses. Whether one chooses to acknowledge it or not, even if you do not believe in the devil, the devil believes in you. Ask Bill or read his latest book and you will come to the same realization.
Just how much can one man and one family take in a life time? Bill seems to have run the gamut, a journey that he’s had to battle constantly as a young boy, well into his adult years. One of courage which eventually propelled him in to a belief in and a faith in an all-knowing and all-loving One True God.
This book is not written for sceptics, it was written as an inspirition for those who are undergoing spiritual attack by forces unseen and by forces whom many others have encountered — the alien and ufo phenomena. For those sceptics, any amount of proof will never convince you, and to those who believe and have already experienced, you only need re-inforcement into what you already know. Delivered has the reinforcement you seek and a way out.
Grant Freerks
Tokyo, Japan

I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed “Delivered”. It was hard to put down and very thought provoking! You are an inspiration and I am grateful for your friendship.
Mary Losinske Smith


Ten Steps to Victory: Change Your Life Today, is a book for personal transformation through faith and love. This book contains the Daily Affirmation Prayer and Spiritual Warfare Prayer that Bill uses in his ministry.Bill Bean has been at the forefront of the paranormal community for many years. His story and cases have been shown on television's "A Haunting" in a series of episodes that go back to season one which featured the extreme haunting his family dealt with when he was a child. Bill is also in the Lifetime Movie Network's, "I Was Possessed." As a Deliverance Minister, Spiritual Warfare Specialist, Author, Life Coach and Speaker he has been able to help thousands across the country. Bill offers spiritual counseling and exorcisms when necessary.


Ten Steps to Victory is all about the order of things in life, which begins with GOD. When we make GOD first in our life, a transformation will begin to take place. I have outlined ten simple steps to help you to achieve victory each and every day. I declare victory every day and I want you to claim your victory too!  


Ten Steps to Victory Reviews

"In Ten Steps to Victory author Bill Bean walks us through ten very simple yet strong and solid steps to achieving personal victory in our lives. Bill tears away the facade of religiosity and provides us with steps to establishing a real relationship with God that in turn offers real results for our daily lives."
    Travis Shortt
    Aspyr Communications

"In this world of misguided people, thoughts and ideas in Bill Bean's latest book Ten Steps to Victory is the perfect roadmap. Through the pages of this easy to use book we rediscover the beauty and truth of God's word for our everyday lives. It's so easy to lose sight of the fact that God does hear us when we call out to Him, and He is close to the broken hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. I highly recommend Ten Steps to Victory to anyone who needs encouragement or comfort in your daily life".

Terry Todd

"I first heard Bill Bean on the coast to coast radio show.That same night I sent him an email and he called me the next day.He helped deliver our church from dark forces who had taken up residence in our old building.


Bill has a GOD given gift for facing demonic and satanic forces.He stands against evil through powerful prayers and GOD answers his prayers of deliverance.Bill Bean is a force of GOD’S light and has become a great friend of mine.I know GOD can help deliver others from the hand of Satan through Bill Bean."

Pastor/Evangelist Jonathan Cobb

First Baptist Church West Harwich, Mass.

“I have read Ten Steps to Victory three times cover to cover. I must say for a 60 page book it is power packed. One thing I keep going back to is the forgiveness chapter. With all that has happened to my family the last two years, it has been hard for me to forgive the mortal people the demons have been working through. I today asked God for forgiveness to those people. I asked him to take away any residual negative energy I am still holding and let those people know I do not harbor any ill will toward them. The book is great and I know will be inspiring to a multitude of people!”

Nathan Levan

“In Ten Steps to Victory, Bill Bean introduces us into a world full of light, where forgiveness, optimism and love are the main causes for happiness. Through biblical psalms and wise proverbs, he shows us how he succeeded to become a better person for his family, friends and different people that he has met during his four years as a Warrior of God. Bill Bean is the living proof that it takes courage to fight against the evil around us, and that God’s power always wins over it, as long as we keep our faith intact and believe in ourselves. As he explains throughout his book, his greatest achievement so far has been the opportunity to bring change and light into people’s lives, houses and families. Find your purpose in life, do your best to achieve it, help the others, seek God, be merciful and all will come into place! You can be the driving force for a big change! And Bill Bean has experienced all this, so if he could do it, we can do it! Knowing that a person like Bill Bean exists and can be called for help at any time, it represents a big comfort and joy. This message of love and hope comes to us as a deliverance and a spiritual cleansing”.

Iulia Nastase, Actress, Blogger and Human Relations Expert

“September 11, 2011 God was preparing a Spiritual Intervention for me, my life and those I love. God had a Warrior in mind to change my life, to give me back my life! I began watching A Haunting. I found myself truly fascinated by the story of young Bill Bean. The terror and pain, it was difficult to watch but I could not turn away. After the show, I had to know more. I went to my computer and began to Google search Bill Bean.


I read on his page all of these prayer requests. I was amazed at how many other people must also be compelled to reach out as well. I have a minor in Theology as I have a great love of God.


One night I received a message back from Bill Bean. He apologized for not responding sooner. That night I was in a great amount of pain. Not the physical pain from an injury, but a spiritual pain you feel deep within your heart and your soul. I felt immediate comfort from his message and thanked him. He instinctively knew something was interfering with my Faith. This is the most beautiful gift from God, His ability to bring to people into our lives to help us come back to Him. My Spiritual Intervention, commissioned by God brought Bill Bean to help me thru my doubts. I do not know how, I mean I do know how (God can bring all miracles to light) Mr. Bean recognized I was in Spiritual Turmoil. I was a person he never met, he had never spoken to yet God showed him my pain. I was a person who had studied all religions, read all beliefs and knew all about miracles but could not recognize God loved me enough to work thru Bill to bring me back to the Light I had felt as a child. God does empower His Chosen Ones, I am living proof. The Ten Steps to Victory is a book of empowerment, written from the heart of God’s Warrior Bill Bean.”

Gaye Spradling

Dallas, Texas

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