As an interactive, solution-focused minister, Bill Bean’s approach is to provide guidance and support along with engaging in spiritual warfare on behalf of clients to help resolve demonic problems. With great sensitivity and understanding, Bill Bean helps his clients to find solutions to a wide range of life challenges along with spiritual issues.



Bill's also a life coach, providing guidance and advice on how to be strong in mind, body and spirit.  


Bill works with each client to help them build on their strengths to identify and achieve life goals.


 Bill is anointed in the area of spiritual warfare and deliverance ministry that addresses anything from curses / blocks / attachments / obsession / oppression to possession by demonic spirits. Bill ministers to many who are going through problems with relationships, alcohol and drug addictions, sickness, depression and those who feel that they have lost their way in life. 


 “Jesus said in order to receive you must believe. The way to truly break the chains of the enemy is to develop a new mindset that replaces fear with faith, strength and courage."         Bill Bean


Bill travels to the homes and businesses of clients, and also conducts Skype and phone sessions as well. 


Bill Bean is a counselor for all! 


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A few years ago, I had the great fortune to unexpectedly meet Bill Bean. I had not heard of him before and had no idea what his profession was. He extended his hand to me and as we shook hands, I immediately felt a surge of electrical energy travel from his hand straight up my arm. I simply couldn’t let go of his hand and he kindly did not withdraw his until I was ready. His look was intense but kind. He moved me to tears and I left knowing something profound had just happened; but I didn’t know what.


Bill did perform my deliverance as planned and all I can say is THANK GOD FOR BILL BEAN!!! I felt the weight of those attached demons lift from me as he commanded them to begone. And just as suddenly, I felt the intensely profound infusion of GRACE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT enter into every fiber and cell of my body and mind!


Those demons, who by the way, left screeching and screaming as warrior angels carried them off into the night sky, had been attached to me most likely for the major part of my entire life from the early age of 2 to my current life as a mother and grandmother. When they fled, so did my life long struggle with anxiety, depression, suicide and fear! All the demonic and paranormal activity fled as well.


While I understand that I was delivered through the GRACE OF GOD, working in Bill Bean, I am eternally in Bill’s debt. He saved me and gave me a life, a life that I was always meant to have.


Melinda Gagnon

Assistant to Bill Bean



I was under demonic oppression and had attempted suicide several times. Then through a friend I was guided to Bill Bean. Since meeting Bill, my life has been totally transformed and I’m forever grateful to God for working through Bill to save my life. I feel that Bill Bean is one of God’s mightiest warriors on this Earth!        

Sgt. John Drenner



I was sick, depressed and dealing with something very dark in my life. Then I met Bill Bean and my life changed in a very short amount of time. I lost 123 pounds and regained my health after a decade of horrible sickness. God worked through Bill to give me a brand new life. I currently use my life experience along with Bill’s teachings to help others. I have learned so much from Bill and consider him as my best friend.                           Jeff Leeper    



 Bill thank you very much for all of the help you have given to me and my family. You are truely a man of god and I wish you all the love of god in everything you do………… Steven Wolfe…


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