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Few books have ever captivated me as much as "Dark Force". From cover to cover, Bill Bean's inspiring true story of unwavering faith, even in the face of the most horrifying evils, grabs the attention of the reader and won't let go. Bill's humble strength awakens the soul and reminds the reader that that, despite the darkness, there is still much good in the world. An absolute must read. 

Breck Worsham 

Bill Bean has done a great job of connecting the paranormal dots in his new book “Stranger Than Fiction.”  His Mandela Effect chapter is absolutely mind blowing.

Great book that is a must-read!

George Noory     Coast to Coast AM

From best selling author and ‘Spiritual Warrior’ , Bill Bean (as seen on Discovery Channel, Coast to Coast, SYFY, Destination America, Lifetime Movie Network and many others) comes this very powerful account of triumph over tragedy. In The Connection, Bill chronicles enduring extreme hardships and tragedies from childhood, all the way into his adult years. His family was destroyed by demonic forces and Bill nearly was as well. Learn how Bill struggled mightily with depression, along with demonic oppression. He takes the reader on a journey through the bad times, and then by mid-book, he sheds light on his miraculous transformation by the power of GOD. 


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BALTIMORE, MD – Bill Bean, announces the much anticipated release of Dark Force Revisited 10th Anniversary Edition. The new release combines existing chapters, adds new chapters, and includes additional information not in the original release as well as a special chapter that outlines how individuals can recognize demonic activity in their lives and homes.
The story of the Bean family has been told and re-told on countless radio and television talk shows. In 2009 Bill penned his book Dark Force which relays his story.

The content of the book was even the subject of Discovery Channel’s A Haunting series in an episode titled “The House of the Dead” (generating the highest viewership of any of their episodes).

According to Bill, the desire and motivation to release a more polished and extensive version of the story had been in his mind for several years and that the timing was finally right to release this special edition.

“There’s an old saying ‘you can never go back’ and yet here I am coming back to this story once again. The first version of Dark Force has reached people from all over the world and I’m forever grateful to GOD for that. So after 10 years of being in print, it was time to revisit the story. A bonus chapter has been added to touch on life after moving out of the house and how to become free from demonic dark forces. The storm is over now and my life has come full circle,” Bean said.

Since experiencing the events as a child, Bean has gone one to become a much sought after Deliverance Minister and speaker in churches, at paranormal conventions, and on college campuses.
“Currently I spend most of time on the phone, responding to prayer requests via email, and even personally ministering to individuals in their homes if it is required,” Bean said.


Dark Force Revisited will be available on August 8, 2019 at Bill’s official site

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