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 Dark Force

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Dark Force is a must read book!


George Noory  

Host of Coast to Coast AM

This is a must- read, I was unable to put it down." A few days later, to my own great surprise, as my own “reading-interests” are even more restrictive than my wife’s , I found myself, as I began to glance through and then begin to seriously read the book, even more engaged by the amazing story that was unfolding. It tells of the extraordinarily vivid, unfortunately violent and unwelcome autobiographical experiences, of a young boy (Bill Bean) in a home in the vicinity of Baltimore in the nineteen-seventies; and, most intriguingly, of his experiences of a realm that lies beyond the living.

John de Saram
Retired United Nations Diplomat and International Lawyer


Coast to Coast AM deals with many topics. Some are more gripping and captivating than others. I usually am not frightened or bothered by content but I do have to say that  Dark Force was different. Bill Bean's writing made me feel like I was right there experiencing the horror he and his family went through. As I was pre interviewing and booking Bill for the show, there were several incidents that happened which seemed like some sort of force was messing with our communication. I am not sure what it was and where it came from but I highly recommend Dark Force to everyone!

 Tom Danheiser, Senior Producer of Coast To Coast AM



Dark Force captures the reader into the terror filled lives of a family destroyed by the intent of a malevolent and destructive ring of spiritual entities. This family was that of the Author, Bill Bean. Bill puts into words only what some of us would consider having been our worst nightmare and yet through his faith in GOD he “survives”. Bill shares with us his most personal moments of fear as a young child to his adulthood where he devotes his life in helping others by sharing how he overcame such powerful evil.

Deborah Collard

Author and Talk Show Host

"Every now and then a book comes along that you just can’t put down. Dark Force is among those books. I have read many true life stories, but not since reading Jay Anson’s Amityville Horror has a story stayed in my mind. Hour after hour and day after day."

Tim Kelly

"This book is a testimony of the trauma that the Bean Family endured from the eyes of a young Bill Bean, and the story of how they finally escaped and overcame it. It is their story of trial and faith, and how that they faced things, which according to many could not possibly be real, but yet they are all too real."

Roni Raulwing, Meriones Publishing

I have read this book and recommend it to anyone that loves true stories, but who may have been through supernatural experiences and don’t really dare to talk about them. This is a true story. I felt like I was on the journey with them. I could feel what they were feeling. These types of accurences happen more than we know and more than people want to share, because it is hard to believe what some have not experienced. It is a wonderful book I would give this book 100 stars.
Diane Burgoyne

Anyone who has known Bill Bean or has read the prequel to Delivered called Dark Force fully understands that Bill did not grow up the Leave It to Beaver life. Instead, Bill was haunted and oppressed throughout the major part of his life by forces unseen and largely unbelieved in by the masses. Whether one chooses to acknowledge it or not, even if you do not believe in the devil, the devil believes in you. Ask Bill or read his latest book and you will come to the same realization.
Just how much can one man and one family take in a life time? Bill seems to have run the gamut, a journey that he’s had to battle constantly as a young boy, well into his adult years. One of courage which eventually propelled him in to a belief in and a faith in an all-knowing and all-loving One True God.
This book is not written for sceptics, it was written as an inspirition for those who are undergoing spiritual attack by forces unseen and by forces whom many others have encountered — the alien and ufo phenomena. For those sceptics, any amount of proof will never convince you, and to those who believe and have already experienced, you only need re-inforcement into what you already know. Delivered has the reinforcement you seek and a way out.
Grant Freerks
Tokyo, Japan


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