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PURGE Review

Bill Bean's new book, PURGE, is definitely a piece of art. The wisdom presented in the pages of this book are a generous gift from a master at his craft. For people 'stuck' in their experiences, read this book and you will learn how to improve your life.

It is a powerful guide to being in the world without being overwhelmed by it. Bill's 'voice' and insights help prepare the reader for what life brings and to thrive. Bill weaves together the extreme challenges of life with the profound healing aspects of our connection to the DIVINE.

This book will serve as a brilliant milestone, marking one's passage toward comprehending the deeper truths of our world. This book will help countless people to 'purge', let go, and heal.

Brave, honest, and beautiful, this book is a treasure.

One of the most insightful and inspiring books I have ever read...destined to become a classic.

Kathy Smith

I feel honored to have been given a chance to read this before it has even come out yet officially. I will say that it is an incredible book filled with what l agree with is very important pertinent information. Bill really goes into important details that l have actually wondered about.


My husband and l follow Bills guidance on prayers daily and l see there are many more specific prayers in here which l know we will be adding to our daily prayer times. I am only one fourth of the way through and l am in the knowing this is an important book that has come along at the right time. 

Mercedez Benedict


PURGE Review


I loved it! 


The overall quality is excellent including the pics. The story was succinct and very well-written. But what I liked most was having the tangible prayers in a book form. That is really the easy way to access them and keep them by your bed. 


Sharron Barefoot


Bill Bean has a very unique perspective on spiritual matters. Many people totally ignore the spiritual realm but Bill has helped countless people who were loosing their spiritual battle with the devil. We need to get rid of all evil in our lives and getting Bill Bean’s new book Purge is an excellent way to let God give you victory in you spiritual life. 

Bill has helped me in my time of need and has been a great friend for more than a decade! God bless Bill Bean and his new book Purge.


Pastor Jon Cobb

PURGE is the latest book by author and Deliverance Minister Bill Bean who is also known as "The Spiritual Warrior" and he has earned that moniker with good reason.
Bill Bean is one of the most recognizable names in the media today as a man of faith, courage, character and honesty and has literally earned his reputation through a baptism of fire.
In his book he recounts the tragic and sad events in his early upbringing that dealt with abuse, violence, addiction and the terrifying realization that he was living in a cursed house, where paranormal activity was so pervasive it ruined his family life and possibly lead to the early deaths of his parents and other beloved family members.
Bill doesn't write about this to gain our pity, but on the contrary, it shows a deep and indomitable spirit he possessed that would not succumb to the evils that challenged his early and adult life. He became a survivor and regained a sense of his own autonomy and chose a destiny for good.
Instead his book revels the many ways we can identify evils in our own lives and how we can use it as a guide to overcome temptations that threaten us at our most vulnerable moments.
Bill presents his well-researched theories of the ever growing threat of outside, destructive influences that have dominated our culture the last hundred years and the devastating effects of rampant drugs and alcohol use that has destroyed the fabric that holds families together.
Are we all under attack by evil and malicious energy and entities more now than ever?
Bill believes we are because of our advanced technologies being used against us for sinister greed and power. A prime example is the use of subliminal messaging, through violent video games, movies and other media formats that have had a huge influence on the exponential amount of terrible crimes that has become so pervasive in our society. This is perhaps the most important part in PURGE.
It is worth reading Bill Bean's book not only as a guide to understand how we can become spiritually and morally stronger in our own lives with the knowledge he imparts in his book.
But also in his own vast experiences helping others Bill Bean teaches us how to use the tools he presents so we can all become strong and attain our own Warrior Mode when we face adversity in our own battles of spiritual warfare.

Anita Jo Intenzo
Author and paranormal survivor

This book is informative, helpful, and jam packed with prayers for any situation you may be in. There’s a prayer in this book for everyone. There are some topics in this read that most people don’t talk about, but Bill Bean isn’t afraid to speak on it.

With the way this world is today, we need more people to speak up and spread God’s grace and goodness. Whether you’re a longtime Christian or someone who is unsure about God, this book can help you.

Tiffany Bean

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