Exorcist / Spiritual Warfare Minister 

Spiritual Warfare Prayer


I thank and praise You Father YAHWEH for all things and by YOUR mighty power and in Jesus name, I ask for YOUR giant warrior angels to protect me both day and night, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the rest of my life! By YOUR mighty power, In Jesus name, I bind and break the power of  satan, all fallen angels, all demons, all unclean spirits, curses, hexes, vexes, spells, charms, fetishes,  witchcraft, sorcery, magic, voodoo, all mind control, psychic warfare, jinxes, potions, bewitchments, death, destruction, sickness, pain, torment, incantations, chanting, hoodoo, root works, money and success curses and everything else being sent my way or my family & friends way. I cast it out and command it to go to dryer places. YAHWEH rebuke thee in Jesus name!

Daily Victory Prayer


Father YAHWEH, I give endless praise to YOU 
By YOUR Mighty Power, and YOUR Mighty & Holy Name in Jesus name
I declare victory in this new day
I have an abundance of Blessings.
 I’m successful at everything that I do and that I touch.
I have an abundance of love, peace, joy,
good health and prosperity.
I’m a blessing to others and a shining
example of YOUR Love, Mercy and Goodness. 
In Jesus name




Warning signs of demonic Oppression - Possession


1. High level of trauma that leads to experiencing demonic events and attacks

2. Invocation, Invitation, Summoning

3. Deep Depression and having a feeling of hopelessness

4. Sudden fits of rage, violence, hatred and anger

5. Abusing drugs and or alcohol

6. Listening to satanic music

7. Addicted to watching evil movies and or TV shows

8. Hearing voices, having demonic dreams and flashbacks

9. Wanting to sleep all of the time

10. Withdrawing from family & friends

11. Wanting to keep the home and room very dark at all times

12. Occult practices

13. Supernatural physical manifestation / attack and feeling cursed

14. Wanting nothing to do with GOD and Jesus

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