Breck Worsham Review

I have been a fan of Bill Bean’s work for years. Not only of his many appearances on various network TV shows but of his books, which offer a more personal and detailed glimpse into the work Bill does to combat evil.


Bill’s latest book, “Tales From an Exorcist,” does not disappoint.


In it, Bill offers an in-depth, personal account of the traumatic details of his childhood that inspire his work today.


As someone who had never experienced paranormal events in my own life until recently and never for a moment thought I would wind up needing Bill’s assistance in fighting off demonic forces that invaded my own home, reading what Bill experienced while aiding others was shocking, yet comforting at the same time. I knew after reading these first hand accounts of good triumphing over evil that of all the people in the world that I could have gone to for assistance, I was in the right hands.


One the aspects that stunned me in the book is where Bill discusses how sometimes God ALLOWS spiritual attacks to brought upon you as a means of testing your faith. That was a possibility that never dawned on me until I read “Tales From an Exorcist,” and reading Bill’s explanation as to how and why this sometimes occurs motivated me to re-examine my own faith.


Another life altering revelation that occurred after reading “Tales From an Exorcist,” was Bill’s explanation that when a person is affected by trauma, they become weakened

and vulnerable in mind, body, and spirit. That spoke to me instantly as I realized that after years of personal turmoil I had unwittingly opened myself up to negative spiritual influences and, realizing this, again, motivated me to make the changes necessary in my life to strengthen not only my faith, but to regain my strength emotionally.


I will forever be grateful to Bill for all his work and for all he has done for me. He is a blessing from God to all who know him and a true spiritual warrior against evil.


I look forward to many more books to come and to the guidance and knowledge he continues to provide.



Bless you, Bill for all you do.


You are a true Warrior of God.


Breck Worsham






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