Bill Bean is a world-renowned exorcist / spiritual deliverance minister, and is known as "The Spiritual Warrior.' Bill has helped hundreds of people in America, along with many others in nearly 50 other countries. He's also an internationally known author, lecturer, and paranormal/supernatural expert. Bean is currently appearing in episodes of A Haunting, Ghost Nation, and a 2019 episode of the Holzer Files. Bill has also appeared in episodes of Fright Club on Travel Channel. He regularly joins George Noory on 'Coast to Coast AM, and he has appeared in the Lifetime Movie Network series, 'I was Possessed.' Bean appeared in the 2010 SYFY movie 'The Haunted Boy' and has appeared in many TV shows about the supernatural. 

Bill Bean's Spiritual Warfare Deliverance Ministry addresses anything from curses – blocks – attachments – obsession – oppression to possession by demonic spirits.  He’s also a life coach, providing guidance and advice on how to be strong in mind, body, and spirit. With great sensitivity and understanding, Bill Bean helps his clients to find solutions to a wide array of life challenges. He works with each client to help them build on their strengths to identify and achieve goals.

“Life is all about moving forward.” Bill Bean.


Bill has given over 2000 media interviews in his career and has performed hundreds of Spiritual Deliverance / Exorcisms all over the world. He's the author of the following critically acclaimed books: Dark Force, Delivered, Ten Steps to Victory, The Connection, Stranger Than Fiction, Dark Force Revisited, The 7th Book, Stranger Than Fiction 2, and PURGE. 

Bill Bean has been featured on many TV shows, news programs, books, magazines, and newspapers worldwide. 


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PURGE is one of the most insightful and inspiring books I have ever read.

Kathy Smith



PURGE is an incredible book filled with what l agree with is very important, pertinent information. Bill goes into important details that l have wondered about.


Mercedez Benedict

Watch PURGE Video 

PURGE is food for the spirit!

Bill Bean on Paranormal Zone TV

June 10, 2021

Bill joined Norene B to discuss his latest book Stranger Than Fiction 2!

Bill Bean on Fright Club March 2021

Bill Joined Jack Osbourne and the Ghost Brothers to assist with a case on their TV show called Fright Club. 

Bill Bean on The Nadia Sahari Show 

Bill joined Nadia Sahari on March 12, 2021 to discuss his new book Stranger Than Fiction 2.

Bill Bean on My Darkest Hour Radio

Bill joined Stefan Brigata on March 18, 2021 to discuss his new book Stranger Than Fiction 2.

Daily Star Article

July 31, 2020

Many thanks to reporter Sofie Jackson of the Daily Star for interviewing me. This article and clip is part one of a series featuring me over the next few weeks.


EXCLUSIVE: Reverend Bill Bean has been a practising exorcist since 2013 and told Daily Star Online about the chilling details of one particular demonic possession

The Glenn Beck Show

August 14, 2020 

Many thanks to Glenn Beck for having me on his show!

Coast to Coast AM  February 18, 2021

George Noory and exorcist Bill Bean explore his experience with cases of demonic possession, how he got the strength to combat evil spirits, and whether his own father may have been possessed by demons when he was a child. 

In the first half, minister and spiritual warrior Bill Bean reported on severe demonic cases, exorcisms, and his latest research and experiences. He recalled some of the demonic forces that terrorized his family back in the 1970s, and how an angelic being saved his mother from some of the attacks.

A big thank you to my good friend George Norry of Coast to Coast AM.

I launched my new book Stranger Than Fiction 2 on his show and it was a great night.

Daily Star Article Part 2

August 7, 2020

Many thanks to reporter Sofie Jackson of the Daily Star for interviewing me. This article and clip are part two of a series featuring me, over the next few weeks.

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